Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Opening Blog

So, while I am reading my text, I am writing notes down. Things that I think are important, how I am going to be able to try this or this isn't going to work etc. Then I realized, I should be putting all this information down in a blog and hoping that some of my classmates will be willing to add their perspective and ideas.
I will make the attempt to call this weblogging instead of blogging. I am thinking about work with my 7th/8th graders with this project. They should be able to give at least some kind of meaningful insight (hopefully!).
I am trying to decide the logistics of how to make this work. My first thought is that I will have to create the blog and have a different student send me their post for the week. Then each student will have to post a comment about the post. All of the comments will be moderated by myself to make sure that anything "controversial" doesn't make it on the weblog.
How will I begin? Maybe first few weeks we discuss weblogs and RSS feeds. Then, we start doing the weblog with our first volunteer. Perhaps after Christmas break we are posting web articles that back up the topic we are discussing. Maybe that will just be bonus points or extra credit?