Monday, July 2, 2007

NECC last concurrent session

For the last concurrent session I went to "Creating Student Video Portfolios with iMovie". The presenters were showing putting together students work using the iLife suite. What they were doing could also be recreated in Windows Movie Maker using those tools as well (although the movie file they provided was in QuickTime so it had to be converted to be used there). They had very specific directions and was actually also a good session on using the iMovie software. We imported photos, added titles and audio, split the audio files, created stills from the video, extended the length of a photo clip, added transitions and credits and then exported the movie. At the end you had a movie of a student's work. The benefit of this is that you could off load this every year and then have a CD or DVD to give to the student of his work for the year. Another benefit is to have his/her voice recorded on the movie giving a little insight to what work he/she was doing or why he/she chose to put this work in the portfolio. There were some technical problems with the computers (most people had an older version of iMovie which was giving some problems and several of us, including me, had Windows instead of Mac) but in the end it was easy to see how you could make a final product

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