Tuesday, June 12, 2007

class, day 2

Day 2 of workshops:
The morning class went well. We finished taking apart the old computers and labeling all the parts. Once we had that done, I had the students put all the parts back into the old computers so they have experience seeing all the plugs going in and out. They seemed to enjoy themselves. We will start with the new computers tomorrow. The only problem is that they puchased another machine at a different time then the others so of course, it is a different machine. They have different video cards, different looks but hopefully not different architecture. We will find out!
The afternoon started off well but went downhill from there. We started working with Adobe Premiere (we are using version 6.5 which is an older one but still works well) and new JVC hard drive cameras. Unfortunately the cameras are too new and save the files in .mod format. So, we have to convert them to an .m2v file so that they work, but Premiere version 6.5 can't bring in both audio and video in that format. If I upgrade to Premiere Pro 1.5 it seems to work fine. So, it is either upgrade the software to a newer version or get me the older cameras that work on miniDV tapes. Stay tuned to tomorrow and see what happens.

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