Thursday, June 7, 2007

Flickr image

This is an image that I brought over from my new Flickr account. In looking at this picture I am trying to think about all the different things I could do with it in the classroom.
1. A discussion on the cloud types
2. Perhaps on farming
3. Different landforms
4. Types of trees and bushes
5. Maybe even do a "where in the world" segment and see if we can't figure out where this picture has been taken because of the
details in the picture
Certainly you could have a picture of the day if you have a journal writing class or just as something that you start your day off with. Flickr has a different picture for each day section so you don't have to look too far to find it! You would want to do this search before the class is in the room however. It is after all a place where people put up pictures of anything they want! Be sure to check it out BEFORE it goes on the big screen for the whole class! :-)

If you are interested, here is the link to the picture:


EllaY said...

Your picture really caught my attention. I loved the beauty of it and all the great ideas you had for incorporating it into the classroom. Teaching through visual literacy and multimedia has become so important in our time that it was great to see just how many ways one can use images to teach.

Camille said...

That picture is really interesting. There's so much color in it, I'm sure it would grab a child's attention very easily. You're right, there is a lot you can do with a picture like that. Kids could create a story about the image or about a person they think might live in that particular area of the world. It could also spark a discussion on why it's so important to protect the environment and preserve resources. We forget how beautiful nature is when we're surrounded by concrete and skyscrapers!

Camille said...
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BIS said...

Hi Matt,
This is a great picture. What I like to do a lot is to take a picture or image and place a coordinate plane on top of it. I can then ask my students to give me the equation that runs through part(s) of the picture. At the lower level you could ask for a linear equation and move on up the ladder. You could adjust the axes and scales to reflect the level of math. I use the TI-Navigator and one feature within the Activity Center is to place an image behind the coordinate plane. The students then send and equation and it shows up on the screen - which the whole class can view. They can resubmit, or not, and can be anonymous if I chose. Using Activity Center in this manner really helps students to understand the whole concept of transformations. It's also FUN! :)