Monday, June 11, 2007

my first day of camp

Well, I started the class today. I am teaching two different class, one on building computers in the morning and I had the filmworks class this afternoon.
In the morning we began taking apart older computers so the students could see the parts in a non-destructive manner. These machines are old and if they don't work after we are done that isn't a problem. I have 5 students in the class and they are all young. We took out and identified the power supply, hard drive, the sound card, network card, floppy drive, the CD-Drive, all the ribbon cables and connectors. Tomorrow we will finish with the RAM, the processor and fans, and finally with the motherboard itself. After that we will get out the new parts and begin building the machines.
In the afternoon, we are working on making movies. To begin we used the pictures that I had brought over to my account to make a very simple movie. I had the students go over to my account and then they could import whatever pictures they wanted. We were using Windows Movie Maker just so they could see how to put it all together and it worked out well. Each one of them (there are 8) chose different pictures and made a 1 minute (or so) movie with the pictures. We are going to get into more advanced stuff using Adobe Premiere, but this worked out well. Day one down, more to come.

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