Saturday, June 16, 2007

Friday (and last day) update

So, here is the update for the last day. Again, this is coming after the fact but I wanted to get the info posted.
So Friday morning, we had all the machines up and running and went out on the web to find what the prices of parts would be to build their own machines. We went over to and did searches for computer parts. We looked up motherboards, CPU, RAM, hard drives, GPU, optical drives, fans, and cases. Then we added up all the prices of the different machines that we built to see what they would cost. Then we went over to to compare what a prebuilt machine would cost. We found that if you were looking for a lower end machine, you just can't beat the prices that Dell has on their site (about $399). But, if you are looking to drop some coin on a machine, you could save some money on the total price by building it yourself. Of course, you won't get any kind of warranty service and you will still have to pay for a monitor (which usually come with the price of a machine) but it is a better deal to build. Then we played a network version of chess so they could see how you could play over the LAN against other people. That was it, I think all in all, the class went well. We did finish the class with three working computers, which was the plan, so I guess that is truly what matters.
The afternoon class finished off well also. When they came in the .avi files that we had made yesterday were ready to go and worked well. So, the different groups finished up their movies. One group decided to add text labels to all the different places he was showing in his documentary of the school. The other group added a blooper reel and alternate ending at the end of the movie(after the credits). And, the other group worked with pictures and the chroma key function of Premiere to get a background for different parts of their murder play! At the end of class we burned CDs that had the three movies for each of the students. All of the feedback that I heard was positive so I feel like things worked.

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