Sunday, June 3, 2007

TeacherTube video

While I was looking at some of my blog links, I found a link to a video in TeacherTube. This site is for uploading and viewing educational videos. Here is one on Why Students Should Blog. Check out TeacherTube here and check out the video here!
So, to sum up, I am blogging about a link that I read in another blog and am posting the link that I found in her blog, in my blog! :-) Isn't blogging grand!


Erica said...

I came across TeacherTube today and can't wait to look into it more! Hope you had a good relaxing weekend!

Anna B. said...

Loved the "Why Blog" video from TeacherTube. I'm sending the link to the head of my tech department - we have been having heated discussions about blogging. Thanks.

Ann said...

Thanks to your blog I found out about TeacherTube. What a great resource! I was glad to see there were math related videos. I even bookmarked it in my account!