Monday, June 25, 2007

NECC blogs 1

Hello everybody, I am here at the NECC and am blogging this first session. I am sitting at the next session which doesn't begin for a while and I thought I would put up this blog. The first session that I went to was by Will Richardson which is the author of the book we are using for this class that has my blogging. I asked him to sign my copy which I had with me (to finish up my assignments this week) and he was happy to do so! Very nice, laid back guy. I quickly made notes from his presentation on blogging in schools during the session, I will post them up once I get them into some kind of order that make sense. He was impressed with how many people there were in the room that were using both RSS feeds and blogging. He had a full room (his presentation was an open lab type so there were 40 computers set up as thin clients and about another 40 chairs in the back. There were people sitting all along the walls and standing up in the back so I would say that there were 100+ people in the room) and it didn't seem like there were a lot of hands up, but he was excited.
An interesting point that he made was one that blogging shouldn't just be doing the old analog things in a digital way. We need to change our thinking about how we are doing things. So, making this post, my question is how do we do things differently?


Will said...

You are building a network, for one thing. Thanks for coming to and blogging the session.



BIS said...

I wish I were there! Yes, we are building a network, and I would like to think a great team as well. We are opening up the concept of brainstorming to new levels, as well as collaboration. I feel as though if we work together that we all won't be recreating the same wheel and that we will be able to create many new wheels.