Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wed camp update

So we are through hump day and it went well. Today's update:
This morning we built the computers. They took all of the equipment and put them into the computers. We didn't get a chance to turn them on and see if they are working, but we got all the parts in. And, after class I went back and made sure that they turned on. Everything seemed to be working. I think the guys (no girls in the class) will be excited tomorrow when they turn on the computers and they go on! It is usually the highlight of the week for me.
The afternoon class seemed to work itself out. One of people who is helping me was able to get the problem with the cameras worked out. We have to do another step that shouldn't be relevant but it seems to work. The JVC hard drive cameras put out a .mod file which the old version of Premiere can't read. So, you have to change the extension from .mod to .mpg. This seems to work with the correct codec installed on the machine. However, the files are really slow when you are viewing them in Premiere. Once I render them it seems to work better but I think it would be even better if I could convert them to .avi and then import them. However, I haven't been able to get them from .mod to .avi. Hopefully we will be able to figure that out and test it tomorrow morning before I have that class.
The students all took the day to film their movies and they enjoyed it. I have three different plans. One of the groups is filming a star wars remake sort of film, the other group (which is only one person - by choice) is doing a documentary type of film about the school that we are at, and the third group is doing a movie with a little mean streak. We are using the green screen capability for this last one and if everything works correctly it will be a neat effect. We will find out when we start editing the movies tomorrow!

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