Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NECC Tuesday Session 1

Session 1 was all about bookmarking research using furl and delicious. It was acalled Del.icio.us Research: Redesign Assignments with Social Bookmarking. The address for this session's information is http://necc2007.pbwiki.com/. It was another good session, but most of what she talked about was redundant to what we have learned in this class (good to hear it again of course. Some of the highlights were:
1. Do searches for the tags in delicious – when we did a search for free clip art we got 3,200,000 hits in Google but only 2500 hits in del.icio.us.
2. Have one login for all the students in your class. That way they are all seing the same notes that you have setup for that class. The problem there is that students can change password but, if you click on the forget password link, it will send the password to the address that you used to set up the account.
3. If you access this site: http://del.icio.us/help/buttons, you can add buttons to the toolbar without admin rights on the computer.
4. Make sure you log out the delicious account so that the next class of students are logged out (delicious doesn’t do it automatically)
5. The students (if logged into the same site) can only tag one site at a time. If the next person tries to tag it you can’t because it is already in your list. Everybody has to find an original source/site.
6. Have the students tag with their names so you know which ones did it
7. If you highlight text on the site and then click the tag bookmarklet, the highlighted text will appear in the notes section (doesn't always work correctly).
8. One cool thing that furl does that delicious does not. In furl you can export your links into MLA or APA style for correct works citied pages!

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