Monday, June 25, 2007

NECC blogs 2

OK, just left the second session and am posting. It was called HightTech Kids: Integrating Technology in the Elementary Classroom. The setting was one of a group of students in a lab setting. There were 5 tables of 4 computers on each table and then plenty of seats around the outside for observers. I was a participant so I was sitting at one of the computers. We had 4 different activities to play with. One was a MP3 activity where you had to record your voice while you read a story back. One was a PowerPoint Presentation to create your own idiom in picture form from a list of idioms at a webpage. Another activity was using the white board (she had a Promethean board) to work on synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms. The last (and the activity that I was involved with) was using Kidspiration (which is the K-2 version of Inspiration) to distinguish between synonyms and antonyms. You had to move around the words into the correct bag. These lessons were all for the K-2 classroom.
The next workshop that I am going to is led by Kathy Schrock (of Discovery Channel fame). I will post on how that was later.

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